SCCM 2007 client software has been installed successfully however, the workstation is not receiving any advertisements.

Other observations:
1) The Management Point has been successfully found.
2) The agent is not able to do Auto-Discovery
3) It is also not sending any inventory data to the SCCM DB
4) SMS GUID file smscfg.ini at C:\Windows, was deleted and SMS Agent host service was restarted to create a new GUID.- didn’t help.
5) Windows Firewall service was disabled, however this didn’t help as All ports that are needed are opened by ELC’s (the account’s) firewall GPO.
The test machines got the SCCM agent reinstalled.
The “_Software Testing” collection has the test workstations manually added and these were the machines with the old SMS GUID.
They are now replaced with the new workstations and therefore it is getting the advertised software.
Though the SMS GUID had been recreated on the 2 test machines, however, the Collection we used was static.
The 2 test machines, had been rebuilt after being added initially, and though they had same name but a different IP and SMS GUID.
The old machines had the advertisements; the new one didn’t till, they were added to the Static test collection.
We can easily verify that Firewall was not a problem, by again enabling the Windows Firewall service and then starting it.


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