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SCCM 2007 client software has been installed successfully however, the workstation is not receiving any advertisements.

Other observations:
1) The Management Point has been successfully found.
2) The agent is not able to do Auto-Discovery
3) It is also not sending any inventory data to the SCCM DB
4) SMS GUID file smscfg.ini at C:\Windows, was deleted and SMS Agent host service was restarted to create a new GUID.- didn’t help.
5) Windows Firewall service was disabled, however this didn’t help as All ports that are needed are opened by ELC’s (the account’s) firewall GPO.
The test machines got the SCCM agent reinstalled.
The “_Software Testing” collection has the test workstations manually added and these were the machines with the old SMS GUID.
They are now replaced with the new workstations and therefore it is getting the advertised software.
Though the SMS GUID had been recreated on the 2 test machines, however, the Collection we used was static.
The 2 test machines, had been rebuilt after being added initially, and though they had same name but a different IP and SMS GUID.
The old machines had the advertisements; the new one didn’t till, they were added to the Static test collection.
We can easily verify that Firewall was not a problem, by again enabling the Windows Firewall service and then starting it.


SCCM 2007 clients may report a hash mismatch when we run a package that has been configured to download and run

When we run a version of the Microsoft SCCM 2007 Advanced Client that is configured to download and run a package, the SCCM 2007 clients may report a hash mismatch.

We may receive the following 10075 status message on the SCCM console, status messages:
The program for advertisement has failed because content download for the package – has failed.
The download failed because the content downloaded to the client does not match the content specified in the package source.
At the Client computer, we may see the following messages:
1) in the Execmgr.log file on the Advanced Client computer:
OnContentAvailable program NOT available, 0x80091007 Fatal error 0x80008602 encountered for program . This program will not retry.
2) in the Cas.log file on the Advanced Client computer:
Download completed for content package under context System Hash does not match expected , actual
Download failed for content package under context System, error 0x80091007 Successfully raised SoftDistHashMismatchEvent event.


We may experience this problem when the following events occur in the following order:
1. The package source is modified.
2. A new distribution point is added to the package.
3. The package source is downloaded from the new distribution point before a package update occurs. Note The problem does not occur if an SMS administrator specifies the Use a compressed copy of the source directory option for the package.

1) Check how the Package has been created on the SCCM 2007 Console.
a) In our case, a software had already been imported to the library, by giving the source location as D:\Packages\\source.
b) “This package contains source files” and “Always obtain files from source directory” had been provided at the time of providing the Data Source details.
If the “Use a compressed copy of the source directory” would have been used, this error would not have occurred.
c) Later, install.bat was added to this location [D:\Packages\\source], and the package had not been updated to the DP, however, an advert had been created using the install.bat.
Always update the DP after modifying the source, and before creating a new Advertisement for the package/program.
d) Also, this would have worked if the install.bat was placed at another location [not at D:\Packages\\source] and then used to create the Program.
[Install.bat was used to create the program only, and in our case, it may or maynot be a part of the source.]
A program is updated via a policy in SCCM 2007, and doesn’t need the package to be updated, everytime a new program is created for the package.
2) If the problem persists, make sure that the directory browsing option is turned on for the SMS_DP_SMSPKG virtual directory in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. To do this, follow these steps:
a. Use an account that has administrative credentials to log on to a computer that is acting as the SMS distribution point.
b. Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
c. Expand the name of the server that is running IIS, expand Web Sites, expand Default Web Site, right-click SMS_DP_SMSPKGC$, and then click Properties.
d. On the Virtual Directory tab, make sure that the Directory Browsing option is turned on, and then click OK.
e. Repeat step 4 for each package subfolder in the SMS_DP_SMSPKGC$ virtual directory.

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